Blood Orange+Thyme Cocktail Recipe

Looking for that perfect cocktail? Ya know, the one that will impress everyone! Look no further than the Grand-Prize winning recipe of our 2017 Blogger Recipe Challenge from Singers Kitchen. This blood orange cocktail with grapefruit and vodka, created by Noelle Kelly, is the perfect balance of citrus and herbal flavors. She originally created it for Valentine's Day but it is great for any special occasion!


1 1/3 cup Stirrings Simple Blood Orange Martini  Mixer

1 Tbsp. Fresh Thyme, chopped

3 oz Grapefruit Rum

3 oz Triple Sec

Splash of Carbonated Lime Soda

Crushed Ice

Stirrings Cosmopolitan Rimmer (optional)

Blood Orange Slice & Thyme Sprigs for garnish


Nicely chop the thyme and place in a glass with the blood orange mix to steep for a few hours. 

Strain and leave in fridge until ready to use. Use a slice of blood orange line the rim of cocktail glass with juice.

Place glass upside down in the Cosmopolitan Rimmer and rim glass with sugar. 

Decorate a glass with a slice of blood orange. 

In a cocktail shaker, add mix, rum, and triple sec with 2/3 cup ice and shake.

Strain cocktail into three martini glasses. Splash some carbonated lime-flavored soda in each glass.

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