Planning a party? Gather your friends and family, cook up something special and shake or stir your favorite martinis.  With Stirrings,  you can always count on quality ingredients like pure cane sugar, real fruit juices and no artificial preservatives.  We make it easy for you to spend more time with your loved ones and enjoying your party! 

Easy to make recipes...

Our process is simple, just follow the ratio on the bottle, add some ice and shake or stir it up! 

Here are some easy to make cocktails  when you're short on time!

Try a Stirrings Margarita!

Stirrings Simple Margarita

Picking a cocktail....

One of the greatest challenges when entertaining is picking a cocktail, and picking the right one. First take a look at what you're food options are, are you doing appetizers or full course meals? Then decide which spirit makes sense. For example the light autumn salad would pair well with a light, fruity martini, or steak will pair excellently with an old fashioned! Now you know you'll need to pick up either Vodka or Whiskey when you're at the store.

Choose your favorite spirit to see cocktails right for you:

View all recipes here

The perfect garnish....

Be a little EXTRA this holiday season, and jazz up your cocktails with the perfect garnish. We've done all the hard work blending the right combinations of salts, sugars and spices to create our cocktail rimmer garnishes! Rim your cocktail glasses with these and your guests will feel extra special about all the hard work you've put in...

Give the gift of cocktails!

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