2020 BTI Awards

February 25, 2020

Stirrings takes home an array of awards this year from the Beverage Institute's 2020 Tastings Awards. Stirrings went up against other known brands, specifically in the Margarita category, one that Stirrings remains to be on top. Stirrings Simple Margarita Mixer received a gold medal with 90 points, rated as Exceptional. This was also the first time Stirrings presented the Organic Margarita Mixer, which received a silver medal with 86 points, receiving the rating of Highly Recommended and "a solid Margarita mixer for easy home cocktailing."

Stirrings new products to hit the shelves also received accolades:

Stirrings Mai Tai Mixer received a gold medal scoring 91 points, with a rating of Exceptional. Judges remarked "This juicy, simple mixer makes easy-to-love rum cocktails; mix with high quality aged rum for the best flavor." This mixer was tasted as a traditional Mai-Tai cocktail. 

Stirrings Sour Mix received a silver medal, with 85 points and rated as Highly Recommended. Judges tasted this mix as a traditional Whiskey Sour cocktail and remarked "An intense sour mix that hits the palate with big citrus and sweetness; mix with robust bourbon." 

Lastly, Stirrings Old Fashioned Mixer was tasted as an Old Fashioned cocktail, receiving a bronze medal at 84 points. Judges remarked that this mixer is "A simple solution to at-home Old Fashioneds; this spicy, orangey mix provides a yummy platform for your favorite bourbon or rye."

These award-winning mixers can be purchased at retail chains like Publix, Safeway, Total Wine & More, BevMo and others. You can also shop online at Stirrings.com, Walmart.com, or Amazon. Please use our store locator to find a store near you! For more information on the Beverage Testing Institute and Tasting Awards, please visit their website.

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